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With a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences and a Master's in Anthropology from UERJ, I am currently pursuing my PhD in the same field. My doctoral research investigates the cultural and political intersections of the Chinese film industry in the first half of the 20th century, focusing on ethnic relations.

I have experience as an audiovisual producer, specializing in internet videos and the editing of ethnographic documentaries. I served as a PIBIC/UERJ scholarship holder on the project 'Indigenous Imagery and Contemporary Agencies' in 2016. I have been a Data Processing Technician since 1998, with skills ranging from digital design to video editing, applied in both academic contexts and media projects, providing a rich intersection of technical and theoretical knowledge.

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Suport. Brazilian pix:

Translation Studies

For some time now, I have been dedicating myself to the study of translating texts from Mandarin to Brazilian Portuguese as a way to explore linguistic structures and expand my vocabulary. The purpose of this page, therefore, is to document the progression of my learning.

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