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Just "virtual field notes"

If you’re a regular visitor to this space, you might have noticed the change. It’s a visual transformation, but I also intend to modify the textual format.

For some time, I’ve been seeking a place on the internet to share daily reflections, not just the denser posts I have been creating. A space where I can also present anthropological reflections akin to a "virtual field notes".

With this in mind, I decided to change the site layout and use this space to also share brief comments involving my current research and China in general; always maintaining a socio-anthropological perspective.

So, don’t be surprised if some posts are a bit more relaxed and everyday in nature. I will continue to create more substantial posts when the subject demands such depth, but I plan to intersperse these with other reflections.

Warm regards, and I hope you keep following along here.

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