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Laborer’s Love (Láogōng zhī àiqíng 勞工之愛情)   |  1922.

With sound effects (not original). Portuguese subtitles.

Without sound effects. Subtitles EN

Alternative title: A Fruit-Flinging Romance (Zhiguo yuan 擲菓緣) Director: Zhang Shichuan  
Screenplay: Zheng Zhengqiu  
Studio: Mingxing  
Date of release: October 5, 1922 | 22 minutes, 3 reels  
Cast: Cheng Cheh Ku (Zheng Zhegu), Yu Ying, Zheng Zhengqiu (credited as Cheng Kung [Mr. Zheng]), T. M. Loh (Lu Tie[min?])


The carpenter Zheng moved from the south to Shanghai and changed his profession to become a fruit vendor. Zheng becomes interested in Dr. Zhu's daughter, whose clinic is across from his fruit stand. The couple begins to court each other by sending small gifts—fruit, a handkerchief—from one stand to the other via a cylindrical support on a line. When Miss Zhu is harassed by local bullies, the carpenter Zheng helps her and beats them up. He then proposes to her, and she directs him to her father for approval, but the response is discouraging. Dr. Zhu tells the carpenter Zheng that he will marry his daughter to the man who can help improve his struggling business. At home, Zheng daydreams about a happy future with his beloved, but his daydreaming and attempts to sleep at night are interrupted by the rowdy patrons of the 24-Hour Club located directly above his room. Inspiration strikes, and Zheng makes a deal with Dr. Zhu. Using his carpentry skills, Zheng creates a device that allows him to convert the external stairs leading to the club into a slide with a pull and back into stairs with a push. When the patrons leave the club and start descending the stairs, he transforms the stairs into a slide and brings them down in a heap. The injured go directly to Zhu's clinic. Zheng sees that the business has become so good for Zhu that he offers to help, and the three quickly attend to the patients together. With the accumulated money, Zhu accepts Zheng as his son-in-law, and Zheng kneels in gratitude.

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